For the Love of Chocolate

Chocoholic's Unite!

If your're a true chocolate connoisseur, you already know that chocolate really is "the food of the gods". You know it's good for your mind and spirit, but now researchers have also concluded, chocolate is good for your body! Yes, let us all unite in this wonderful, delicious news! 
The effects on the mind from chocolate is well documented. Scientists have discovered that chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins, a hormone  that is naturally produced by the brain. Chocolate actually generates an uplifting feeling. It can promote a very strong sense of well being. Many of us want chocolate when we are under emotional distress. This actually makes perfect sense! The comforting, mood elevating 
properties that are found in chocolate are due to those yummy endorphins!

Are you stressed?

Scientists have found that eating 40g of chocolate once a day, for two weeks, reduced stress in those with moderate to severe anxiety. This is more than likely due to chocolates high levels of magnesium. The magnesium helps muscles to relax, also helpful for treating fragile nerves.

Do you want to be smarter?

Eat chocolate! Chocolate is well stocked with flavonoids, which are known to prevent oxidation and inflammation of the brain. Both of these things can impair cognitive function. US researchers found that eating 85g of chocolate a day( yes milk chocolate too) improved people's scores in a series of memory and problem solving tests. They concluded that this is the result of chocolates great antioxidant properties. 
This delicious super food, also contains many brain boosting vitamins, such as B1(thiamine) which also helps us to produce energy. Chocolate is known to improve fitness levels. Experts say that eating 50g of chocolate before a work out, results in a 7% increase in strength, and a 20% increase in prolonged stamina!

Chocolate can increase Metabolism

Yes you heard that right! In a study done in 2012, at the University of California researchers found that those who ate chocolate twice a week had a lower body mass than those who didn't. They concluded that instead of denying the chocolate, these people were so much more likely not to indulge in other sugary snacks. Because chocolate contains proteins and vitamins, fat and sugar. It becomes very satisfying compared to a sugar free or fat free choice.

Chocolate is good for you, and your heart!

In the very latest studies from the Universities of Aberdeen in Manchester, Cambridge and east Anglia, found that people who ate up to 100g of chocolate a day are actually 11% less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke, compared to those who did not consume any. Scientists contribute this to the flavonoids found in chocolate, which help to stimulate blood flow, by cleaning out those damaging substances, free radicals. Have heart, eat some chocolate!

Chocolate can make us feel euphoric!

The Roman's were convinced that chocolate was an aphrodisiac. Although this has never been completely scientifically proven. It is known however, that chocolate is a mood boosting food. The chemical phenylethylamine that is in chocolate, actually releases those feel good hormones that can trigger the feeling of euphoria, and if your're feeling that good, only good things can happen!
Chocolate is really a miraculous food! With all these benefits, do you really want to resist?
For the love of chocolate, go ahead and indulge!

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