Oh Lollipop...We love you!

Oh Lollipop...We love you!

Who does not love a lollipop? 

How convenient! Candy on a stick, and what a brilliant idea!

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Lollipops are  a staple in the candy world.They are old fashioned and nostalgic. Available in a multitude of beautiful colours and delicious flavors. Lollipops are one of the most diverse types of candy on the market. But where did the idea of lollipops come from? Who thought of this brilliant candy?
Archaeologists believe that the ancient Arabs, Egyptians and Chinese cultures all produced the first forms of lollipops. Made with fruit and nut concoctions that were then covered in honey. As honey is a natural preservative. They started to insert sticks into their sweets to make it easier for them to handle and eat as these would be a soft mixture.
During the middle ages, the nobles would often eat their boiled sugar with the help of sticks or handles. In the 17th century sugar became more available and well known for consuming on a stick.
In North America the history of the lollipop has been distorted over time. Some historians believe that lollipops were invented during the civil war in order to help soldiers with a quick convenient way of boosting their energy. Others believe that it was in the 1800's that the idea of the lollipop took off.

However in 1908, George Smith of New Haven Connecticut, claimed that he was the inventor of the modern lollipop. He trade marked the lollipop name in 1931. The name "Lolly Pop" was named after his favourite race horse. Soon after his claim , lollipop production machines were growing in popularity, each claiming it to be their idea.

In Racine, Wisconsin the very first lollipop machine was introduced by the Racine Confectionery Machine Company. This machine put the candy on sticks, producing 2,400 lollipops per hour! In 1912, a Russian immigrant Samuel Born invented a similar machine that he called, "The Born Sucker machine". He was later awarded the keys to the city of San Francisco, as they considered him to be highly innovative. I wonder what George Smith thought?

Either way, from nuts and honey on a stick, to all the hard candied, colourful varieties of today. The lollipop is one of the most popular choices among candy lovers. It will always be a candy staple! 
Here are some fun lollipop facts!

- Chupa Chups are still the most popular lollipop in the world! The logo was famously designed by, none other then Salvadore Dali.

- There is a day that is dedicated to lollipops, July 20th is national lollipop day!

- Dum Dum suckers were actually given their name in order for it to make it easy for children to pronounce.

-The world's largest lollipop was made in 2012 by See's Candy Company. It weighed 7,003 pounds, over four feet in it's length, and boasted a twelve foot long stick!
- In 1958 The Chordettes released the song " Lollipop" which reached #2 on the Billboard pop and R&B charts.

-Lollipops are also used as  a way to carry medicine. Flavored lollipops that contain medicine are now on the market for children, and are also used in the military for their fast acting ingredients.

-The most popular flavor of lollipops is cotton candy!

At Candy District we carry a huge selection of delicious lollipops! You are never too old for that old fashioned lure of a lollipop!

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