Candy Buffets for Weddings

Candy Buffets for Weddings

Candy Buffet

The Perfect Addition to Your Tradition

Congratulations! You've decided to tie the knot! Why not sweeten the deal and the day, with a beautiful array of candy!
Candy buffet's appeal to everyone, guests of all ages will enjoy being treated to candy! A candy buffet is a sweet way to make your
special day even more memorable and spectacular! 
One of the first steps is to decide on what types of candy you would like to have. Perhaps you both have a favorite from your childhood that you would like to be included, you could also include the favorites of certain guests of honour,
Keep in mind the colour theme of your wedding. Coordinated or complementary colours always look more effective. Stick to your colour palette,
not only for the flowers and bridesmaids dresses but also for your candy buffet table. This will help to bring cohesion to the entire look and feel 
of your wedding.

What You Need to Know

Be sure to have enough candy on your buffet table, a candy buffet always looks the best when it is lush and full and  brimming with sweetness! It's always better to have too much then not enough for your guests. Choosing approximately seven to ten different types of candy is advisable and will give your guests a selection. If you are having an event with one hundred guests, you will need 20-25 pounds of candy. Too much candy is never a problem! You also have the option of inviting your guests to take some home as a memento. If you plan on doing this be sure you provide bags or boxes on your candy buffet table.
When designing your table select some interesting containers, varied heights and shapes will add interest and dimension to any arrangement.

Some Tips

Don't forget to add scoops or tongs for the candy, make sure and measure that they fit into the openings of your containers, jars or vases.
Decorate further the table, of course keeping with the overall  theme and colours of your wedding . Accentuate the table with flowers, balloons, 
candles, even some little framed photos of the happy couple, or the entire wedding party! By all means take advantage of your centerpieces and disperse them throughout your candy buffet table.Using high quality ribbons and linens will also add a professional and finished look to your candy buffet table.
Be creative with your candy! Candy is not meant just meant to be eaten, it can also be played with! It lends itself well to being used artistically.
For example bundling lollipops together could make for a delightful , delicious bouquet of flowers, or some chewy candies could be skewered onto sticks to resemble a tasty kabob!

The possibilities are endless, you and your guests will be sweetly enchanted!

Wedding Candy Buffet

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