10 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Everyday

10 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Everyday

10 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Everyday by Candy Queen-Sweet Talk Blog-Candy District

Chocolate is not just delicious, and definitely not a guilty
indulgence! Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, and is always a
pleasurable cure for what ails us. From glowing skin, to heart health
to improving brain function, eating chocolate everyday is now backed
by science! In case you need to be convinced, here are ten reasons
why you should eat chocolate everyday, yes, your eyes do not deceive
you, chocolate everyday!

Chocolate as a Multivitamin

Chocolate as a Multivitamin-10 reasons to eat Chocolate Everyday-Candy District Sweet Talk Blog

1.Multivitamins are great, but wouldn't you rather eat some chocolate?
Chocolate has a multitude of important vitamins, minerals and
antioxidants. The highest being magnesium, calcium, zinc and natrium.
These all have some benefits to our health on a whole, but magnesium
has been proven to have a therapeutic effect on many conditions such
as, insulin resistance, coronary heart disease and osteoporosis.

Chocolate helps protect your Skin

2. Chocolate is very beneficial to our skin! It's a great protector
against the sun's most dangerous rays. A German study has proven that
as little as 20 grams a day (approximately 3 squares) can decrease the
harmful effects of UV light by twenty percent.Dark chocolate which is
especially loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids, dramatically helps
to remove free radicals from our skin. It is proven to increase skin
density, thickness and moisture, which in turn helps unwanted lines
and wrinkles. Chronic dry skin can also be helped and sometimes
relieved with just 20 grams of chocolate a day! Yes, your face will
glow with the joy of chocolate!

Dark Chocolate can reduce risks of becoming a diabetic

3.Dark Chocolate does not spike blood sugar, even in those who are
diabetic, and can most definitely be included as part of a sensible,
well balanced diet. A study conducted in Italy even found dark
chocolate to be a preventive measure against becoming a diabetic.
Eating a few squares of dark chocolate daily increases insulin
sensitivity which reduces your risk of becoming a diabetic.

Dark Chocolate can help your heart

Dark Chocolate can help your heart-10 Reasons to eat chocolate everyday-Candy District Sweet Talk Blog

4.It's good for your heart! Several studies conducted at San Diego
State University, showed that people who regularly ate 50 grams of
dark chocolate (almost half a bar of  regular size) everyday for two
weeks, lowered their blood pressure and also reduced their levels of
bad cholesterol.  Although both dark chocolate and milk chocolate have
also been proven to reduce the risk of strokes, we can thank all those
flavanols that are mostly found in dark chocolate. The flavanoids in
chocolate help to improve blood flow to the brain. The evidence of
this study concluded that chocolate consumption decreases the risk of
strokes by an astounding 23%! Yes, it does the heart good!

Chocolate can help with weight control

5.Chocolate can help you lose weight! Is that not some of the best
news you've ever heard? A well known neuroscientist, Will Clowers, has
concluded that as little as one square of a high quality chocolate,
slowly melted on your tongue,twenty minutes before a meal signals the
brain and triggers hormones that are responsible for that "I'm full"
feeling. This actually cuts the amount of food you would usually eat.
Clower also believes this helps to eliminate mindless snacking. A
piece of chocolate before dinner? Sounds great!

Dark Chocolate can make you feel good

6.Feeling blue? Reach for the dark chocolate. Not only is dark
chocolate delicious, it boosts the production of all those feel good
chemicals in our brains. It has the ability to stimulate endorphins,
in particular the ones that give us that feeling of euphoria. Dark
chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, I know a very long word, but
that compound in chocolate gives us that same feeling as when we
experience falling in love, that magical walking on air feeling.
Chocolate is in the lead for being a mood boosting food. It also helps
to raise our levels of serotonin, the same way most antidepressants

Dark Chocolate will make you smart

Dark Chocolate will make you smart-10 reasons to eat chocolate everyday-Candy District Sweet Talk Blog

7. Good luck on that exam! If you've got a mental marathon coming up
in the form of a test, eating at least 40 grams of dark chocolate,
twenty minutes before your test could most certainly get you that A+.
Because it increases the blood flow to our brains, it helps us to
comprehend difficult, complicated tasks , like math! It is also packed
full of iron, calcium and zinc which all help our brains to deal with

Chocolate can make you stronger

8. Make your workout more appealing and tasty! By eating a few small
pieces of chocolate a few minutes before you exercise. You will
your energy levels and improve your stamina. It also helps by
increasing the blood flow to overworked muscles  and is often eaten
after exercise
as an optimal post recovery aid. Chocolate before and after a workout,
now that could be motivating!

Chocolate is good medicine

Chocolate is Good Medicine-10 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Everyday-Candy District Sweet Talk Blog

9. If you have a bad cough chocolate may be the best medicine.
Numerous studies have proven that chocolate calmed coughs just as well
and sometimes better than codeine. Because chocolate contains
something called theobromine it helps to relax the activity in the
brain that is related to the vagus nerve, which often times is
associated with a persistent cough. Codeine or chocolate which would
you choose?

Chocolate is Bliss

Chocolate is Bliss-10 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Everyday-Candy District Sweet Talk Blog

10. As if you really needed another reason! You should eat chocolate
everyday because it is divinely delicious, it's a delectable, healing
miraculous super food that has the ability to soothe our minds, bodies
and souls. The indulgence of chocolate is unadulterated bliss!

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I agree. Everyone should eat chocolate everyday. My Grandma has been eating chocolate everyday for the last 50 years! She is so healthy. And very sweet.

Azar Sheazadeh
Azar Sheazadeh

Thanks for this very informative article. I’ll take your advice and eat chocolate everyday. Just kidding, I already eat chocolate everyday!

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