Sour Patch Kids Strawberry Candies Share Size 12oz - 12 Pack

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All That Sour Patch Kids Goodness in One Yummy Flavour!

     Buckle up, strawberry fans. This one's for you! It's everything you love about Sour Patch Kids tanginess, sweetness and texture all in one awesome flavour - Strawberry! You'll feel like you just walked into a strawberry field wonderland with the fresh, juicy strawberry taste you get in every bite of Sour Patch Kids Strawberry.

     The share bag is resealable, ensuring every piece stays as fresh as the moment you opened them. This is the kind of delicious sour treat you have to share with friends and family; it's guaranteed to be smiles all around!

Sour. Sweet. Gone.

12oz / 340g | 1 share sized bag

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