Regal Creamy Caramels - 180 g

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Old Fashioned Canadian Candy

Seriously, you can't get yummier than this. It's a bag full of large, sweet caramels. Individually wrapped to keep them fresh, Regal Creamy Caramels are a Canadian candy creation.

This classic retro candy comes to you in a generous bag. These caramels are known for their freshness, so you know they're ready to keep in your stash. Just imagine the legendary smooth texture of caramel as you chew.

What are you waiting for? Everyone loves caramel, so get a treat that will cheer up the whole family. Regal makes the creamiest caramels ever. You won't find any better than this. Don't stop at just one.

  • Canadian Candy
  • Very fresh caramels!

180 g

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