Mike and Ike Sour Watermelon Candies - 24 Count

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New Mike and Ike Candies

Remember when your mother said never to swallow watermelon seeds because a watermelon will grow inside of your stomach?

Well, we're here to demystify that old story and tell you about the joy of watermelon, Not just your average watermelon either, Sour Watermelon!
At last, Mike And Ike have created Sour Watermelon Candies! Each chewy candy is truly a bite of bliss. Filled with the juicy taste of watermelon but with a sour twist! A perfect balance of sweet and sour with the irresistible aroma of watermelon!
Forget the seeds, and just let the delicious taste of Mike And Ike Sour Watermelon Candies fill your stomach!
  • Each box is pre-priced at 25c.

    24 - 22 g Boxes

    The Freshest Candy at the Sweetest Prices.

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