Kit Kat Duos Mint & Dark Chocolate 1.5oz - 24 Pack

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New American Candy Bars

Mint and Dark Chocolate have a special bond. They make a beautiful pair and a delicious one at that! 

The Kit Kat Duos Mint And Dark Chocolate Candy Bars are filled with a refreshing balance of a cool, minty taste and rich, warm, dark chocolate. Of course with that ideal " Kit Kat" crunch the crispy wafers are covered in mint creme, and the outside, a splendid coating of delectable dark chocolate.
Each bite of the Kit Kat Duos Mint and Dark Chocolate is an invitation to pure deliciousness, and the next bar!

Made with mint crème and rich dark chocolate, Kit Kat® Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate Candy Bars put a refreshing and colourful spin on the iconic KIT KAT® taste. This delectable bar merges layers of crispy wafers with the classic flavour combination of refreshing mint and tangy dark chocolate, delivering a flavour sensation that feels simultaneously new and timeless with every bite


Turn your KIT KAT break up a notch with New KIT KAT Duos! A long-awaited (and greatly demanded!) flavour innovation of mint and dark chocolate, a delicious mashup of two iconic flavours paired with the classic KIT KAT wafer. And here’s the best part…we’re just getting started! More new flavours coming in 2020!

1.5 oz. Bar