Fun Dip - Grape Orange Cherry Triple Pack - 36 Pack

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Retro Candy from Willy Wonka

A "fun" and delicious retro candy from our sweet friend, Willy Wonka! The  Fun Dip - 3 flavour pack comes complete with two candy sticks made for dipping into that delicious powdery goodness! 

Coming in three fabulous and fruity Fun Dip flavours including Grape Dip, Cherry Dip and Orange Dip! Now you can be three times the candy lover with these Fun Dip - 3 Flavour Packs. They really are triple the deliciousness!
  • 3 Flavour Combo Packs with 2 candy sticks
  • Grape Dip, Cherry Dip and Orange Dip

40.5 g Pack