efrutti Cheesecake - 30 Pack

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No Oven Required!

     Talk about no-bake! These eFrutti Cheesecake gummies are the most immersive cheesecake flavoured treats we've ever tried. 

     The crispy base emulates a graham cracker bottom that's an essential part of the cheesecake experience, and the creamy top comes in a variety of 3 fruit flavours that'll leave your tastebuds stunned. The only thing you're missing is the whipped cream!

     eFrutti Cheesecake is the kind of treat where one slice is undoubtedly not enough. Make sure to share this sweet and delicious dessert, it's only fun if everyone can taste how good it is!

  • Fat-Free
  • Nut-Free
  • Gluten-Free

.81oz / 23g | 1 cheesecake pack