Bazooka Bubble Gum-Original & Blue Razz-10 Pieces

Topps Company Inc.

Bazooka Bubble Gum Box of 12


Retro Bubble Gum

This retro bubble gum is too good to stick under your desk!

The original Bazooka gum and blue razz flavor are still bursting with all the great taste you remember (or stuck under your desk). 
Bazooka Bubble Gum came out very shortly after WWII, and you can see in it's original packaging the red, white and blue was most certainly a representation of American patriotism.
This gum was named after the comedic entertainer Bob Burns who was well known for playing a home made instrument made from a funnel and two gas pipes. This contraption also inspired the "Bazooka" an armor piercing weapon developed during the war.
Bazooka gum has virtually remained unchanged. After 60 years, that's success!
It might not be the softest gum you've ever encountered, but one taste of this retro gum, you'll be reminiscing all about the good old days. Of course with a big wad of Bazooka gum in your mouth!
This gum is too good to stick under your desk! 

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