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Staff Picks

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  • Bonomo Turkish Taffy - Chocolate QUICK VIEW Bonomo Turkish Taffy - Chocolate Out of stock

    Bonomo Turkish Taffy - Chocolate


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Bonomo Chocolate Turkish Taffy Candy Bars Old Fashioned & Nostalgic Candy Bonomo Turkish Taffy Chocolate is delicious old time candy that you will from when you were a kid. Bonomo...
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  • Cadbury Curly Wurly Bar-UK QUICK VIEW Cadbury Curly Wurly Bar-UK from $24.00

    Cadbury Curly Wurly Bar-UK


    Cadbury Curly Wurly Chocolate Bars Curly Wurly Chocolate Bar is a braided soft and chewy caramel, covered in a thin layer of rich milk chocolate. This sounds simple but it...
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  • Cadbury Flake Bars-32 g QUICK VIEW Cadbury Flake Bars-32 g from $18.00

    Cadbury Flake Bars-32 g


    Canadian Cadbury Chocolate Bars One pleasurable bite of these exquisite Canadian Chocolate Bars and you will know the exact reason it's called a Flake Bar, as there will be bits...
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  • Cherry Blossom Candy QUICK VIEW Cherry Blossom Candy from $18.00

    Cherry Blossom Candy


    Lowney Cherry Blossom Old Fashioned Candy Imagine a bite of maraschino cherry, surrounded by coconut, roasted peanuts and of course chocolate! Now feel the sweet cherry syrup dripping from your...
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  • Ganong Chicken Bones QUICK VIEW Ganong Chicken Bones Out of stock

    Ganong Chicken Bones


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Canada's Original Old Fashioned Candy Ganong Chicken Bones are a spicy cinnamon candy filled with a bittersweet chocolate filling. Canadians have been loving Chicken Bones since 1885. A classic candy...
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  • Haribo Sour S'getti Gummi Candy- 5 oz QUICK VIEW Haribo Sour S'getti Gummi Candy- 5 oz from $4.00

    Haribo Sour S'getti Gummi Candy- 5 oz


    Haribo Sour S'ghetti Gummy Candy Forget about twirling this on your fork, twirl it in your mouth! Haribo's Sour S'ghetti Gummi Candy is filled with intense Sour Candy flavour! You will...
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  • Pal-O-Mine Bar QUICK VIEW Pal-O-Mine Bar Out of stock

    Pal-O-Mine Bar


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Ganong Pal-O-Mine Bar The Pal-O-Mine Bar is the world's oldest chocolate bar brand. First created in 1920 by the iconic Ganong Bros., Canada's oldest candy company. Pal-O-Mine is a peanut...
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  • Red Band Jumbo Sour Suckers Candy QUICK VIEW Red Band Jumbo Sour Suckers Candy $15.00

    Red Band Jumbo Sour Suckers Candy


    Koala Red Band Sour Soothers Candy Gummy Candy You'll get a flavour of the good old days with these Retro Candies! Sour Soothers Candy will pacify you! Chewy, tangy, sour and perfectly...
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  • Reese's Pieces-51 g QUICK VIEW Reese's Pieces-51 g from $27.00

    Reese's Pieces-51 g


    Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Chocolate Candy Made by Hershey's Canada First introduced in 1978, Reese's Pieces Candy became very popular when they were featured in the 1982 movie E.T. A...
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