Cherry Blossom Candy - 24 Pack

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Lowney Cherry Blossom

Old Fashioned Candy

Imagine a bite of maraschino cherry, surrounded by coconut, roasted peanuts and of course chocolate! Now feel the sweet cherry syrup dripping from your mouth onto your chin. Can you guess what this divine treat is? If you said Cherry Blossom you are right, and probably Canadian! Cherry Blossoms come wrapped in a cute, little vintage yellow box. These have not changed in 50 years! A truly Canadian Candy treat!

Cherry Blossom-A Poem
You are such sheer delight
Surrounded by chocolate
Into cherries, I bite.
You ooze and you drip
On my chocolaty lip.
A Cherry Blossom treat,
There is nothing as sweet!
45 g Pack 

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