Top 12 New Candies from 2020 Candy District

Top 12 New Candies from 2020

2020 has been quite the crazy year. Okay, that’s a drastic understatement! We’ve all had a lot to deal with, but at least there’s lots of delicious candy to cheer us up and liven up our tastebuds! From the crunchy and gummy combination of Nerds Gummy Clusters Candy to the classic chocolatey goodness of Payday Chocolate Candy Bars, and the chocolate crunch of Hershey’s with Skor Pieces to the toothsomeness of Twizzlers Gummies Sweet Tongue Twisters, 2020 candies satisfy every candy need under the sun!

So let’s take a look at the Top 12 New Candies from 2020!

Nerds Gummy Clusters Candy

Nerds Gummy Clusters Top 12 Candies from 2020 Candy District

Remember the sweet and crunchy taste of Nerds you enjoyed as a kid? In Nerds Gummy Clusters Candy, you’ll get that delightful crunch surrounding a sweet gummy filling. If you love crunch and gumminess but can’t decide which is your favourite, this is the candy for you. Nerds Gummy Clusters Candy is the best of both worlds. Just sit back and enjoy a gummy walk down memory lane.

Warheads All Mixed Up Sour Candy

Warheads All Mixed Up Sour Candy Top 12 New Candies from 2020 Candy District

If you want sweet and sour flavour mixed into every candy shape you can imagine, look no further than Warheads All Mixed Up Assorted Shapes Candy. Warheads is legendary for its rainbow of sour flavours, so if you’re a sour-candy lover, you don’t have to worry. There is an array of shapes in this wonderful bag.

Starburst Swirlers Chewy Sticks Candy 

Starburst Swirlers Chewy Sticks Candy Top 12 New Candies from 2020 Candy District

Starburst Swirlers Chewy Sticks Candy is full of mouth-watering flavour combinations. These include combos of juicy as strawberry-orange, cherry-lemon, and cherry-strawberry. Each candy stick is individually wrapped, so there’s no need to worry about keeping things fresh. This is the perfect bag to share with family and friends. 

Hershey’s with Skor Pieces

 Hershey's with Skor Pieces Top 12 New Candies from 2020 Candy District

If you love the classic taste of Hershey’s chocolate with the intriguing crunch of Skor pieces, this is the chocolate bar for you. Hershey’s with Skor Pieces is equal parts smooth and crunchy. Skor bars are legendary for their decadent flavour. When you enjoy Hershey’s with Skor Pieces, you will have the ideal combination of this more luxurious flavour with the pure and simple milk chocolate of your youth.

Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Buttons UK

Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Buttons British Candy Top 12 New Candies from 2020 Candy District

The British love their chocolate and you’ll find proof of that in spades when you try Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Buttons imported from the UK! These colourful chocolate buttons are free of artificial flavours, preservatives, or colours, so they’re a treat you can enjoy without worry. Smarties are a classic you remember from childhood. These Smarties Milk Chocolate Buttons from the UK will bring you for a walk down memory lane. ‘

Push Pop Gummy Roll

Push Pop Gummy Roll Top 12 New Candies from 2020 Candy District

If nostalgia is what you’re looking for, this 2020 candy is exactly up your alley! Push Pop Gummy Rolls features all the flavours you remember, including Watermelon, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Berry Blast. A treat that you loved way back in the ‘90s is back and ready for you to devour. Push pops still have the chewy and toothsome gumminess that you remember way back when, and you can take these candies with you on the go. With a sprinkling of sour sugar, Push Pops always keep your tastebuds satisfied.

Payday Chocolatey Candy Bars

Payday is a classic candy bar in the making for very good reason. It’s impossible to beat the scrumptious combination of chocolate, peanuts, and caramel that you’ll always enjoy in a Payday Chocolatey Candy Bar. A Payday Chocolatey Candy Bar is the perfect way to celebrate a break during the day or some time to yourself on a fun day off.

Nestle Kit Kat Gold Bars

Nestle Kit Kat Gold Bars have the golden touch when it comes to delicious flavour! This is just the treat you’ve been seeking if you’re looking for the smooth taste of caramelized white gold chocolate. Nestle Kit Kat Gold Bars are sources from 100% certified sustainable cocoa, and this is all sources through the Nestle Cocoa Plan. Just like with other Kit Kat bars, you will get four wafer fingers in this delectable bar.

Twizzlers Gummies Sweet Tongue Twisters

Get ready for some tongue twisting with Twizzlers Gummies Sweet Tongue Twisters! This candy combines the classic licorice experience with fun-loving fruit flavours. Twizzlers provides pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and mango flavours to thrill your tastebuds. Twizzlers Gummies Sweet Tongue Twisters are made in Canada, so you can enjoy this candy with pride.

Nerds Rope Tropical Candy

A fantastically sweet candy treat from Nerds Rope Tropical Candy, Nerds Rope Tropical Candy is the kind of rope you’ll want to chew on. The perfect balance of crunchy and sweet, this candy comes with a new look straight from Ferrara Candy Company.

Milky Way Salted Caramel Candy Bars

Okay, who doesn’t love the combination of creamy caramel and salty sensations for your tastebuds? If this is what you love, check out Milky Way Salted Caramel Candy Bar. This candy bar is exactly what you’ve had in mind. We all know and love the taste of classic Milky Way bars, and this edition brings in much more for your tastebuds. What are you waiting for?

Reeses Big Cup with Pretzels

If you love the classic chocolate and peanut butter combination of Reece’s peanut butter cups with the crunch of pretzels, this is exactly the treat you’ve been wanting to try. Reese’s Big Cup with Pretzels brings you the best of two legendary flavours. This is a cholate treat that will satisfy every tastebud. Reeses Big Cup with Pretzels is a new treat but somehow it always gives is a nostalgic trip down memory lane.                                        


Wow, that’s quite the list! No matter what your candy preferences, the candies of 2020 have got you covered. Go ahead and give yourself a treat! There are so many awesome 2020 candies that you may feel overwhelmed (and excited!) by all the choices, but there’s no way you want to miss out! Go on, give yourself a tasty treat. After the year we’ve all had, you deserve it.

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